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10 Vital Things To Consider When Hiring A Landscaper

Are you tired of your garden looking dull and lifeless? With spring right around the block, do you think it’s time to hire a landscaper to blow life into your lawn? Focusing on the exterior is as important as interior design, if not more.

And even if we look past the aesthetic part of things, landscaping is essential for several other purposes. Growing organic produce, making your neighborhood healthy, and increasing the overall value of your property are some of the many benefits you get from hiring a professional landscaper.

But with all these subpar claims-to-fame out there, how you can find yourself the best landscaper? Read on as we tell you all you need to consider before you hire a professional!

Ask These 10 Questions Before Hiring a Landscaper

Making the decision of hiring a professional is definitely wise. However, you need to find the right person to take it in the right direction. We’ve all heard stories about how someone hired a rookie landscaper who ruined their lawn.

We don’t want that! So, here’s a checklist of ten points you must take into account before you hire a landscaper:

#1 What Experience Do They Have?

Seasoned professionals are the master of their arts, and that’s exactly what you want in a landscaper. No matter how skilled a person may be, there’s no substitute for experience.

So, your ideal landscaper will have worked in a similar role at least once. The longer they’ve been in the industry, the more homeowners they’ve satisfied, the better!

#2 Are They Bonded?

A bonded company is one that has purchased safety bonds or secured funds in order to protect the buyers from incomplete work, theft, damage, or any other kind of loss that may occur due to the company’s failure to fulfill its requirements.

Therefore, it’s necessary to look for a bonded landscaping company to ensure the fulfillment of your obligations. If the hired landscaping company is unable to meet the terms of your contract, you can file a legal claim and receive compensation for your losses.

#3 Do They Offer a Guarantee?

You need to ask whether they offer any guarantee of their work. Carefully read their terms and conditions related to it. Make sure the warranty is comprehensive and covers all aspects of your landscape.

Offering one year warranty is a standard for many landscaping companies. However, for large landscaping projects, they may even offer a two to five years warranty, depending on the company’s policy.

You also need to ask if they offer warranties on plants. Making a little effort at this point will surely go a long way!

#4 Are They Licensed?

Does the landscaper you are hiring hold a legal and valid state license? It is imperative to ensure that the company you are hiring to carry out your work is fully licensed.

A licensed company is one that has passed the minimum standards and has been granted legal rights and permission by the state to carry out its activities.

Being certified and approved by the state means the company is competent enough in its field of expertise, and that’s what you need for your landscaping work.

#5 Do They Clearly Understand Your Needs?

The trademark of a good landscaper is that they truly understand every homeowner’s individual requirements. Just like any other industry, the one-size-fits-all does not work here as well!

You need to ensure the landscaper you’re hiring will sit down and have a chat with you to comprehend what’s expected of them.

#6 Can They Cater to All of Your Property’s Requirements?

Every piece of property has a different set of demands. Therefore, you need to ensure that the professional you’re opting for has total expertise across all areas of your property.

For that, you can see their previous work to get a clear picture of the quality and standard of work you’ll be getting from them.

#7 Have They Got An Image Gallery?

If a professional does not have a portfolio filled with their past work, that’s perhaps the biggest red flag you’ll come across! All renowned landscapers have an image gallery filled with their best pieces of work.

So before hiring a landscaper, make sure to go through their image gallery, be it digital or in a hard copy.

#8 Will They Take Care of the Permits?

Building certain structures outdoors requires permission from the authorities. While you have the option of getting the permits yourself, it’s always a good option to have someone do the hard work for you.

Several landscaping enterprises offer this service along with their package.

#9 What Will They Do In Case of Any Error?

Damage management policies are crucial when it comes to landscaping. All well-reputed landscapers have a comprehensive scheme that’ll be set in place in case something goes off track.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the landscaper you hire has something along these lines.

#10 How Will Your Daily Activities Proceed When Their Men Are Working Your Yard

Hiring a landscaper should not stop your day-to-day activities. A team of skilled professionals is very organized, and they’ll take complete care of your convenience.

So, have a chat with the landscaper you hire to set some ground rules for the men working your yard!

Hiring a Landscaper — The Bottom Line

Although finding a decent landscaper is not easy, you can definitely streamline the process if you keep the aforementioned pointers in mind. You see, it takes proper industry knowledge to spot a professional.

And after reading this article, we’re pleased to tell you that you can now spot an immature landscaper from miles away! Therefore, conduct proper research. Read online reviews instead of just believing in word-of-mouth.

With the process of hiring a landscaper made reasonably straightforward, it’s about time you take charge and contact a professional!

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