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Mark and Kim Kolander

Exterior Solutions Landscape Co

Exterior Solutions Landscape Co. is a family owned small business that was started in 2005 by Mark and Kim Kolander. Starting the business from scratch wasn’t easy. In fact, all they had were a few tools, a truck and high hopes for the future. They have relied upon customer referrals to grow their business over the years and are proud to say that they have never advertised. Integrity, honesty and hard work are their keys to success. Fast forward to today. Now they have all the best tools, all the best equipment and all the best people. They are grateful for every customer they have served over the years and are excited about the future.

Mark  grew in a small town in South West Minnesota called Okabena.  He was raised on the family farm growing corn, soybeans and alfalfa. They also raised pigs, horses, cattle and chickens. The farm had a large garden and orchard where they grew and canned produce. The farm was passed down from Marks grandparents and is still operational and managed by Mark and his sister. After graduating from Minnesota State University in Mankato, Mark moved to the Twin Cities area and began his landscaping career.

Kim was born and raised in the Twin Cities and she graduated from the college of St. Catherine and worked as a parent educator supporting children up to five years old. She loves working with kids and continues to work as a preschool assistant while also working as an administrator for Exterior Solutions.

Mark and Kim met in 2004 and were married in 2010. They have two beautiful children and love spending time with them. When they’re not running around to all the practices and games, they enjoy ice fishing, camping and enjoying as much time as they can outdoors. Mark and Kim enjoy raising their kids in the Cities because of the many educational opportunities but the family always enjoys spending time together at the farm. The kids love the farm too!

The Kolander Family