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Better curb appeal and use of your property

Many commercial property owners and homeowners across the Twin Cites Greater Metropolitan Area contact us to update their old or run down landscaping. Our team uses designs that will enhance the appeal and value of your property while assuring that it is functional and easy to maintain. 

We are the professionals you want to call for high quality residential and commercial renovations and upgrades that add beauty and value to your property. We will guide and advise you to help you make an educated decision about the new landscape materials installed.

Site Analysis

Consultation and Site Analysis

Custom exterior landscape solutions

A personal consultation and site examination by our specialists may be beneficial to home and business owners. We’ll meet with you to discuss your preferences and needs for retaining walls, patios, fire pits, lighting, better entry appeal, fresh plants, more color, and any other landscape material you may want. An upgraded design can greatly compliment your property. 

Choose Your Style Every Year

Keep your design fresh

Enjoy being able to change up the look of your softscaped areas by swapping out plants, grass, flowers, groundcovers and bushes. Softscaping lets you experiment with different styles each year. As your preferences vary over time, you can try alternative landscaping designs. 

Softscape Installation

Softscape Installation

Flowers, plants, shrubs and so much more

The living horticultural components of a landscape are referred to as softscapes. Flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, flower beds, and weed control, grading, planting, mowing, trimming, aerating, spraying, and excavating for everything from plants and shrubs to flower beds are all examples of softscaping. The goal of softscape is to add personality to the landscaping, create an ambiance, and improve upon the properties appeal.

Softscape Installation


Renovation Before


Renovation After

Hardscape Installation

Stone pathways, retaining walls, patios

Hardscaping is the term for non-living landscaping materials. Every landscape design consists of a series of hardscaping elements that complement and support one another, such as walkways, gravel roads, fountains, and structural accents, as well as softscaping elements such as flowers and trees. Softscaping, which develops and evolves over time, is typically built on top of hardscaping.

Hardscape Wall


Hardscape Installation


Hardscape Installation
Clean Jobsite

Meticulous Site Care

Standard operating procedures

We hold our team accountable for meticulous site clean up and this small detail improves satisfaction for our clients. Our team members have backpack blowers, brooms and all the necessary equipment to keep the site nice and tidy. No detail is too small.

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