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Landscape Installations For New Developments, Sub Divisions and Residential Properties

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Exterior Solutions Landscape Co is an expert for the initial set-up of new house subdivisions and development landscaping. When it comes to developing new subdivisions and communities, landscaping is a necessity. The model showcase home should have its landscaping installed early on so that it demonstrates great curb appeal to potential buyers and they can imagine themselves owning the home and living in the neighborhood.

In the last 15+ years, we’ve completed hundreds of residential and commercial landscaping projects for Home Builders and General Contractors. We provide high quality installations – guaranteed.

New Development
New Construction

Our Approach to New Construction Landscaping

We will assist you in visualizing the finished product and sketching out a landscaping plan that meets your needs, goals and project budget. We want to incorporate any features you may want and create a design that isn’t overly maintenance-intensive but still conveys a sense of completion and ease of maintenance.

We work with you in developing a strategy that considers your desired outcomes and what you’d like potential homebuyers to think about when they come to see the house or development. Whether it’s laying down a chipped or mulched pad for future playground equipment, scheduling concrete slabs for basketball courts or designing a fenced yard perfect for throwing the ball for the dog or relaxing on a park bench, we will help map out an environment that works for your needs.

We give you a sense of what things will be like in six months and six years. If we plant certain plants too close together, they will become overrun in a year or two so we will install a landscape that functions well now and in the years to come. We understand that large projects may take several years to complete and our landscaping must look as good then as it did the day it was placed.

We Work Around Workers and Construction Debris

Jobsites are a busy place

We’re prepared to work around construction debris while on-site. Sometimes large rocks or other debris may be in our way – no problem. We’ll move it out of the way and to a safe location. We are flexible and won’t let construction debris slow down our progress.

New Development

Difficult Terrain Experts

Hills and slopes

Many new home developments feature high backyard grades or slopes that require either a terraced design or the planting of hardy trees to hold onto the dirt and make the slope more solid. We will assess each individual property and make recommendations as needed. We make sure our installations are properly installed and will stand strong against the test of time.

Sloped Landscaping
Landscape Design Master Plan

Landscape Design Master Plan

A successful project roadmap

A master landscape plan is an effective tool for keeping us all, including the future homeowner focused on the job at hand. The master landscape plan acts as a roadmap that ensures our project be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible so that potential home buyers gain a sense of how the home and neighborhood will look once finished.

New Landscape Construction

Attention To Detail

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our professionally trained team will keep your site organized, clean and work efficiently to keep the project on schedule and on budget. We are hardworking, courteous and encourage open lines of communication to ensure satisfaction, every step of the way.